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Top Bookrunners
Private-Label CMBS - 9Mos2014
Inv Bank #Deals Bal $mln MktShr%
Deutsche Bank 26.0 19,675.34 29.5
JPMorgan 12.1 8,678.41 13.0
Wells Fargo 15.1 8,504.57 12.8
Goldman Sachs 7.0 5,740.15 8.6
Citigroup 9.3 5,337.91 8.0





cppichart FP





Top Loan Contributors
Private-Label CMBS 9Mos2014
Lender Vol $mln MktShr%
Deutsche Bank 11,647.54 17.75
JPMorgan 7,496.78 11.42
Wells Fargo 4,540.31 6.92
CCRE 4,474.33 6.82
Morgan Stanley 4,312.62 6.57




  • REITs to be Reclassified into a New GICS Sector
    Noting the significant differences between public real estate and financial companies and how investors increasingly incorporate public real estate separately into asset allocation, MSCI and S&P this week announced plans to separate equity REITs and other listed real estate companies from financial services and to elevate the securities to a new...
  • REITs Focus on Organic Growth
    One of the themes to emerge from this week’s REIT World conference in Atlanta is a widespread focus on organic growth. Healthy real estate market fundamentals have brought new investors into the market and driven up asset prices. CEOs of some of the largest REITs noted that it has become more...

  • REITs Surge Ahead in Volatile October Market
    October was a volatile month for stocks. Nevertheless, REITs fared well during the month, driven at least in part by strong earnings announcements. Month-to-date through October 29th, the FTSE NAREIT All REIT Index climbed 6.94 percent, which far exceeded returns for the DJIA (-0.40 percent), the S&P 500 (0.62 percent), and...